A free drop-in offering information and support for pregnant and breastfeeding mums and their families.

Guidelines: preparing to apply

Thank you for your request to apply to set up a Baby Café.
This page will guide you through our application process.

1. Familiarise yourself with our organisation
Explore the Baby Café website www.thebabycafe.org to become familiar with our organisation, how and why the Baby Café model is successful in a wide range of different settings, what we require of our licensed Baby Cafés and how we will support you in your work.

In order to collate our annual reports we require all Baby Cafés to collect data and submit an annual feedback form.

2. Read the Application Guidelines and Licence Agreement Terms
Download and read through the relevant documents:
Baby Café quality standards
Guidelines for completing your Baby Café application
Licence agreement.

Please note the online application has to be completed in one session and cannot be saved. Use this document to gather together all the information you will need before you start.
For more information about the costs involved contact us directly through our website or call the number below.

3. Apply online
Apply using the online application form link provided in the email you received, and agree to the . You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you have completed all parts of the form.

4. Application processing
We aim to process your application within 10 working days and advise you whether you meet the criteria for running a Baby Café.

5. Invoicing
The Application Fee invoice will be sent to your finance contact.

6. Confirmation of licence
Once payment has been processed you will receive the post-application support package, to include:
Baby Café Facilitator’s Toolkit
Access to Baby Café logos and artwork
Password to access Resources area of website, e.g. templates, evaluation tools, clinical updates
Own Baby Café page on website to promote service
Induction training for your team
Licence certificate.
Please call 0208 752 9003 if you have any questions