A free drop-in offering information and support for pregnant and breastfeeding mums and their families.
Some Baby Cafes are now open for face-to-face support – please see the individual Baby Café pages for more details or contact your local branch / area for further details on remote support available.

The NCT Feeding Line is available on 0300 330 0700 (option 1) for any infant feeding support.

Here to help

As a Baby Café facilitator you are part of a UK wide and increasingly international network of Baby Café breastfeeding drop-ins. We are proud to be supporting you in your role facilitating your licensed Baby Café.

Resources for facilitators

Your facilitator password allows you access to our Resource Bank which contains an ever growing collection of resources and information for you to use when setting up, running and evaluating your Baby Café drop-in.

The Baby Café Toolkit

All our licensed drop-ins receive a copy of the Baby Café Toolkit which outlines in great detail everything you need to know about setting up and running your Baby Café.  We recommend that the Toolkit be made available to co-facilitators, volunteers and peer supporters so that everyone involved is aware of the policies and aims of the Baby Café. Keep it available for reference in case you have any queries in the future. A digital copy is available in the Guidelines section of the Resource Bank.

Licence Certificate

Your Licence Certificate must be displayed at your venue.

Statistics and Feedback

In addition to the ongoing records necessary for efficient running of your Baby Café drop-in, Baby Café facilitators are under agreement to provide us with detailed statistics and feedback annually so we can complete our annual report. We need to know how many mothers are being helped through Baby Cafés and the kinds of issues for which they commonly seek support.

The feedback form is also your opportunity to let us know your achievements and challenges so we can support you in your work. You should begin collecting this data as soon as your Baby Café is open. To make it as straightforward as possible we provide a sample data collection tool along with further information in the Resource Bank.


Babies grow and mums move on so it is very important to continue publicising your Baby Café drop-in to make ante-natal and new mums aware of what you offer. You will find further publicity ideas in the Baby Café Toolkit and resources to use in our Resource Bank.

Keeping in touch

Please e-mail the Baby Café Co-ordinator at info@thebabycafe.org any further information or photos you would like added to your Baby Café web page. You should always seek permission from mothers first before sending photos. Unless you state otherwise we will assume the permission includes use by the charity for promotional purposes and on the Internet.

If you wish to make any changes to your Café’s web page including meeting arrangements or changes to staff, please use the Manage your Café button on this page. Once you have submitted your changes, these will then be approved by the Baby Café Co-ordinator. If you need to contact us for any reason regarding your Café please include your Baby Café name in your e-mail to help us quickly access your details.