Mothers' Charter

Baby Cafés are drop-in centres offering information and support for pregnant and breastfeeding mums and their families.




A relaxed, informal, safe, child-friendly, non-medical environment.


For it to be a place where your breastfeeding relationship, at whatever stage, is valued, respected and protected.


To meet other breastfeeding mums.


To receive up-to-date information about breastfeeding, from staff knowledgeable and skilled in helping women breastfeed.


To be helped in a way that equips you to continue breastfeeding when you leave the Baby Café. This usually means staff will work with a ‘hands off’ approach, or work over your hands if necessary.


That all information, suggestions, books, leaflets, videos, demonstration aids, posters available will:

-Be balanced and informative.

-Help you in making informed decisions.

-Support, protect and promote breastfeeding and the breastfeeding relationship.


To be supported in the decisions you make. 


That staff will maintain records and liaise in a confidential manner with other local health professionals and the Baby Café head office as appropriate.


To be responsible for your children at all times.


For your feedback about the service to be welcomed and taken seriously.


To see a licence certificate displayed showing that the Baby Café is registered with the national charity.