What mums say



...about the idea

'This program is a blessing to women who want to breastfeed thier children'
'A great way to meet other women in a friendly, supportive and inclusive setting'
'It's such a relief to hang out with mums who have "been there, done that" and who can share their experience and wisdom'



...about the place

'The social environment is very relaxing for everyone, and we all like the coffee and cake!'
'All I can remember of those first visits is smiling faces and kindness'
'The minute you walk in, and somebody says "hello" with an open arm and a cup of tea and biscuit'



...about the information and help

'Baby Café, and the advice and support of [facilitator] was a lifeline when feeding and my nipple pain did not seem to be improving'
'The workers at the Baby Café listened to me, shared information, empowered me to seek more help, and helped me feel safe, secure and normal'
'[facilitator] is very knowledgeable, and I really appreciate the way she knows how and where to refer on when someone needs additonal care'
'The information from [facilitators] at the Baby Café was excellent, and every session is relaxed and unpressured. Each time I went, it gave me the heart to continue breastfeeding one more week'