What benefits you receive from your Baby Café licence

smallscaleballoon.jpgThe Baby Café is a brand synonymous with breastfeeding, excellence, quality, style and an informal, relaxed atmosphere. The Baby Café brand has an international profile as an innovative, imaginative and accessible way of delivering health care in the 21st century. The Baby Café name and logo represent the associated concepts and standards that underpin this. When you set up your licenced Baby Café drop-in you automatically have full access to the name and logo to use them in all promotion and publicity material. You also have ongoing access to our national support structure.

Your licence fee entitles you to:

  • Artwork, resources and publicity templates, including the attractive and modern logo, which is an integral part of how people recognise a Baby Café.
  • The Baby Café Toolkit which provides detailed information on how to set up, run and sustain your Baby Café breastfeeding drop-in.
  • Your own page on the Baby Café website to publicise your drop-in locally.
  • Individual support from the Baby Café team by telephone, e-mail or visit.
  • Regular update newsletters and emails including breastfeeding information, latest developments, exchanging ideas and describing innovative projects.
  • Resources developed by other Baby Cafés, e.g. translated materials, invitations, publicity materials via our password protected online resource bank.
  • Opportunities for networking with staff from other Baby Cafés.
  • Discount rates at Baby Café workshops and conferences, to facilitate continuing professional education.
  • Audit materials to support you in collecting statistics and evaluating the effectiveness of your Baby Café drop-in.
  • Targeted support for facilitators based on information collected annually through the statistics and evaluation process.
  • Annual statistics collated from all Baby Café drop-ins which you can quote when applying for funding.