Statistics about our work



    • In December 2014, there were 148 active Baby Cafés - 97 in the UK, 45 in the USA, 4 in Mexico, one in Singapore and one in New Zealand
    • Baby Cafés provided a service to 8,861 women in the UK during 2014 and over 20,000 women worldwide
    • There were a total of 24,309 visits to UK Baby Cafés in 2014, with each Baby Café seeing a mean of 91 individual women
    • 57% of women attended a Baby Café for the first time when their baby was under 6 weeks old
    • Overall, 51% of women who used a Baby Café facility attended more than once and 20% came six times or more
    • The most common reasons for attendance were for social support, help with positioning and attachment, concerns about sleep and night feeds, and sore nipples
    • Feedback from mothers was overwhelmingly positive with many stating that they ‘would have given up breastfeeding’ if it were not for the support of Baby Café staff, volunteers and other breastfeeding mothers
    • Baby Cafés were increasingly successful at meeting the Quality Standards, with 73% of UK Baby Cafés meeting all 12 standards in 2014
    • Each Baby Café had an average of 1.5 paid staff present at each session and 1.4 volunteers
    • In total Baby Café received an average of 87 volunteer hours per Baby Café
    • 72% of UK Baby Cafés use trained breastfeeding peer supporters with a total of 246 women referred for training in 2014



 Figures from Jan-Dec 2014