Why we are so grateful to have our wonderful volunteers

To celebrate National Volunteer Week 2012, we caught up with Anne Humphreys to see why she is so grateful to have ten amazing volunteer peer supporters. With a further six women training to become peer supporters, she has up to three on duty every week.

“I really appreciate the women who volunteer with me. Many of them have skills I don’t and so I value working as part of a team with them. A key principle of Horley Baby Café is that everyone’s contribution is of equal value and that noone is more important than another. This means that we all do the basic work of making tea, tiding away and chatting to people. I love the way this creates a group feeling at Baby Café, this is invaluable as new mothers can come into a warm, caring environment.
Our peer supporters are really skilled in listening to visitors and helping them to explore their problems and monitoring the running of the sessions and adjusting things as necessary. I really couldn’t run the Baby Café without the volunteers. Sometimes I am busy working with a mother in distress and I rely on the peer supporters to keep everything running during those times.
I would like give a special mention to Liz who runs the rota for visiting NHS antenatal sessions, and does a lot of the visits herself. The idea is that a peer supporter goes into an antenatal session on Saturday mornings and talks about Baby Café and we find this makes a big impact on numbers attending the Baby Café.
Our other volunteers are Renee, Caffyn, Jessica, Wendy, Stephanie, Penny, Katie, Kerry, Kimberley and Becky. I am looking forward to continue working with them in the future.”
During National Volunteer Week Baby Café is encouraging volunteers and facilitators to share their volunteer stories with us on Facebook. Join us now to let us know what a difference volunteering makes to you and your local Baby Café.